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Be part of the only global gold payment system.
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  • KaratCoinBank is the first crypto bank operating worldwide with a capital of USD 100 Million
  • with our own KaratCoinBank coin
  • with our own Exchange
  • with our own Global Payment System
  • with our own Gold Mine (in Madagascar)
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Why KaratCoin Bank?
  • 7 years of experience through Karatbars
  • Unique business with a global vision from the founder and owner Harald Seiz
  • Unique compensation plan with weekly payments. Earn on sales of the KCB Coins. Residual income through resulting transaction fees.
KaratCoin Bank Pantheon Logo.png

Future Development:

New Blockchain with a flexible fee system which can be used worldwide for payment of transactions using gold independently transparent decentralized.

  • Development of a crypto phone together with Sony starting in 2019.

  • Expansion of the mine in Madagascar in 2019.

  • Launch of 10,000 ATM’s starting 2021

  • Purchase 2 more gold mines by 2021

KaratCoin Bank Pantheon Logo.png


Karatbars was founded in 2011 and is a direct marketing business with more than 530,000 Affiliates world wide. Karatbars has developed a payment system using Gold and CashGold.

KaratCoinBank Countries-Affiliates-Capit

Karatcoinbank is a revolutionary, blockchain-based and gold-covered World´s first Crypto Bank

The current conservative banking system is over-regulated, outdated, slow, costly and extremely burdensome. It is inadequate for servicing the cryptocurrency industry and its stakeholders as a viable means of payment.

Through the KaratCoinBank World ecosystem, KaratCoinBank offers the advantages of a fully-integrated banking & finance system that meets all needs of the cryptocurrency community.

The Karatgold Ecosystem includes the Karatbit cryptocurrency exchange, the Karatpay payment system, blockchain via smartphone, our own ATMs worldwide and more.

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KaratCoin Bank Grand Opening in Miami, Florida - July 4th, 2018

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Toll-Free: (855) 644-9464

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