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Be part of the world's first global gold payment system


KaratGoldCoin (KBC)


Already a story of success:

▪ KaratGold Coin (KBC) is listed on two of the biggest exchanges (HitBTC & Coinsuper)

▪ Available in 120 Countries

▪ $100 Million USD in investment capital

▪ Our coin is already a success from the view of the market

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Karatbars CryptoCoin Stack.PNG

Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain

▪ Secured with real Gold

▪ Tradable* against major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and many more! (*after the success of our ICO)

▪ Convertible to CashGold and accepted in our KaratGold Ecosytem!

▪ A Blockchain is a continuously growing list of information

▪ These blocks are linked using cryptographic techniques

▪ Every block contains a cryptographically secured "hash“ of the previous block, a time stamp and transaction data

▪ A blockchain provides the user with a maximum transparency and security

KaratCoinBank Coin (KCB)

Kc Bank 5-x.PNG

About our Bank:

▪ KaratCoin Bank is the world's first fully licensed, global-acting crypto bank using blockchain technology to deliver its crypto banking services to the fullest extent possible

▪ $100 million USD share capital

▪ Located in Miami, FL USA

▪ Owns license of a mine in Madagascar valued in $900 million USD

KaratCoinBank Coin:

▪ Ticker symbol: KCB currency symbol

▪ Price: 1 KCB for EUR 0.14 or EUR 0.08 (for Karatbars affiliates only)

▪ Minimum purchase: 1,000 Karatcoinbank Coins

▪ A total of 50 billion Karatcoinbank Coins will be produced and sold on the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol using Smart Contracts


Advantages for our customers:

▪ The first blockchain based payment system based in real assets

▪ Development of own exchange for cryptocurrencies

▪ Development of efficient exploitation of our gold mine(s)

▪ Development of our Karat bank business based blockchain technology

▪ Lower gold price than competitors

▪ Lower transaction fees than competitors

▪ Lower annual fees in bank accounts and credit cards than competitors

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